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What is Ungating?
Ungating is similar to letting a horse out of a stable, only without having to worry about that annoying poop trail.
  • Gives you access to sell brands that you were previously restricted from selling.
  • Allows you to sell in categories that are unavailable to you currently.
  • More choices give you the opportunity to make more sales, and thus more profit.
  • We do all of the heavy lifting on your behalf.
  • We only require restricted access to your Amazon account.
  • making just a few slaes in any one brand or category often pays for the ungating service itself!
How Profit Gopher Helps Get You Access

We’ve been very successful at getting sellers their requested access using safe, Amazon-approved methods that do not risk your seller account.  Not everyone knows how to ungate properly, but our process has resulted in some approvals in only 4 short hours!

Category Ungatings
Brand Ungatings


Located within the BEauty category, Topicals is a very sought after, profitable category we've ungated for sellers


Gain access to car parts, accessories, and more when we get you ungated in the Automotive category


When you want products that you can replenish time and time again, look no further than they Grocery category!


Toys are lucrative all year-round, but get ungated now in preparation for the hot Q4 and Christmas season.

Bath & Body Works

Take advantage of seasonal sales when you gain access to sell this brand.

Pet Care

If you're not selling products for pets, you're missing out on a $200+ billion dollar industry!
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