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Our gophers offer the following services:

Product Prep (includes receipt/inspection/labeling/boxing items up to 49 lbs)per item
Standard size prep – 1-99 items$1.00
          100-499 standard-sized items90¢
          500-999 standard-sized items82¢
          1000+ standard-sized items75¢
Oversize prep – 1-99 items$1.50
          100-499 oversize items$1.35
          500-999 oversize items$1.20
          1000+ oversize items$1.10
Team Lift fees – heavy items requiring two or more people (or machines) to handle
          items weighing between 50-99 lbs (additional price per item)$2.00
          items weighing between 100-149 lbs (additional price per item)$3.00
          items weighing over 150 lbs (additional price per item)$4.00
Additional Servicespricing is per itemper item
Additional FNSKU labels (per additional barcode on product)50¢
Sticker application (Sold as a Set, Expiration, etc)50¢
Price tag/sticker/label removal (per sticker/tag/label)50¢
Shrink wrapping$1.50
Cushioning & Protection (for products)
          Cushioning & Protection – small$1.00
          Cushioning & Protection – medium$2.00
          Cushioning & Protection – large$3.00
          Cushioning & Protection – extra large$5.00
Bundling/Multipacks (pricing INCLUDES labeling services)per bundle
2-6 items per bundle – 1-99 bundles$1.50
          2-6 items per bundle – 100-499 bundles$1.40
          2-6 items per bundle – 500-999 bundles$1.30
          2-6 items per bundle – 1000+ bundles$1.20
7+ items per bundle – 1-99 bundles$2.50
          7+ items per bundle – 100-499 bundles$2.40
          7+ items per bundle – 500-999 bundles$2.30
          7+ items per bundle – 1000+ bundles$2.20
Boxes & Dunnageper item
Product/Shipping Boxes – whenever possible, we use customer supplied and/or inbound shipment boxes to save you money
          Product/Shipping Box – small – under 6″ on longest side$1.00
          Product/Shipping Box – medium – between 6″-10″ on longest side$2.00
          Product/Shipping Box – large – between 10″-20″ on longest side$3.00
          Product/Shipping Box – extra large – over 20″ on longest side$5.00
          Dunnage – small$1.00
          Dunnage – medium$2.00
          Dunnage – large$3.00
          Dunnage – extra large$5.00
Palletsper pallet
Palletizing – (includes one GMA standard-sized pallet & stretch-wrapping load; price per pallet)$20.00
Shipment Optimization – NEW!per fulfill ctr
LTL or Small Parcel? With Shipment Optimization, we’ll find the best price for your shipment! Pricing is for each fulfillment center you ship to.$25.00
           Please note: all shipments over 250 lbs are automatically palletized to save time.
Shipment Optimization ensures you pay the lowest ship price.
Administrative & Other Fees
20ft Shipping Container – receiving and unloading a floor-loaded container$225.00
40ft Shipping Container – receiving and unloading a floor-loaded container$450.00
Box & Item Condition Pictures – Pictures of the condition of an item or box once received into the warehouse$5.00/pic
Hazardous Shipments – when we cannot utilize Amazon-partnered carriers & we must manually create shipment(s)$10.00/shipment
Product Photography – product pictures taken for your Amazon listing. $15.00/pic
Returned boxes – if we have to return a delivery due to damage, gated brand/category, etc. (price excludes ANY associated shipping fees)$5.00/box
Returned pallets – same as above, but for pallets (price excludes palletizing, which is required)$10.00/pallet
Small Quantities – for prep orders that are under 50 units$25.00/order
Storage – charges begin 7 days after receipt of items OR 7 days after you’re invoiced, whichever comes first
                  (for items that we cannot process for ANY reason, charges will begin 7 days after we notify you of this)
          Storage – Shelf space (# of shipping boxes x # of days) x price$2.00/day
          Storage – Pallets (# of pallets x # of days) x price$10.00/day

Prices and services are subject to change without notice.
Please review our Terms page for more information on our services.
Last updated: 9/3/19