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Pricing information is below.  Click here to access our Prep Services Calculator, which gives instant quotes!

Our gophers offer the following services:

Product Prep (includes receipt/inspection/labeling/boxing items up to 49 lbs)per item
Standard size prep
          1-499 standard-sized units$1.10
          500-999 standard-sized units$1.00
          1000+ standard-sized units95¢
Oversize prep – units under 30.1 lbs, under 40″ on longest side (must meet both)
          1-499 oversize units$1.60
          500-999 oversize units$1.50
          1000+ oversize units$1.40
Team Lift fees – heavy units or units requiring two or more people (or machines) to handle
          items weighing between 30-49 lbs (additional price per item)$1.00
          items weighing between 50-99 lbs (additional price per item)$2.00
          items weighing between 100-149 lbs (additional price per item)$3.00
          items weighing over 150 lbs (additional price per item)$4.00
Ungating Services – we help you gain permission to sell in the categories belowper category
          Automotive category$199.00
          Grocery & Gourmet Food category$399.00
          Luggage & Travel Accessories category$299.00
          Toys category$399.00
          Topicals subcategory$399.00
          Watches category$249.00
Additional Servicespricing is per itemper item
Additional FNSKU labels (per additional barcode on product)50¢
Sticker application (Sold as a Set, Expiration, etc)50¢
Price tag/sticker/label removal (per sticker/tag/label)50¢
Shrink wrapping$1.50
Cushioning & Protection (for products)
          Cushioning & Protection – small$1.00
          Cushioning & Protection – medium$2.00
          Cushioning & Protection – large$3.00
          Cushioning & Protection – extra large$5.00
Bundling/Multipacks (pricing INCLUDES labeling services)per bundle
2-6 items per bundle
          2-6 items per bundle – 1-499 bundles$1.60
          2-6 items per bundle – 500-999 bundles$1.50
          2-6 items per bundle – 1000+ bundles$1.40
7+ items per bundle
          7+ items per bundle – 1-499 bundles$2.50
          7+ items per bundle – 500-999 bundles$2.40
          7+ items per bundle – 1000+ bundles$2.30
Boxes & Dunnageper item
Product/Shipping Boxes – whenever possible, we use customer supplied and/or inbound shipment boxes to save you money
          Product/Shipping Box – small – under 6″ on longest side$1.00
          Product/Shipping Box – medium – between 6″-10″ on longest side$2.00
          Product/Shipping Box – large – between 10″-20″ on longest side$3.00
          Product/Shipping Box – extra large – over 20″ on longest side$5.00
          Dunnage – small$1.00
          Dunnage – medium$2.00
          Dunnage – large$3.00
          Dunnage – extra large$5.00
Palletsper pallet
Palletizing – (includes one GMA standard-sized pallet & stretch-wrapping load; price per pallet)$20.00
Shipment Optimization – NEW!per fulfill ctr
LTL or Small Parcel? With Shipment Optimization, we find the best price for your shipment! Pricing is per fulfillment center we ship to.$25.00
           All shipments over 150 lbs are automatically palletized to save time. Shipment Optimization ensures you pay the lowest ship price.
Administrative & Other Fees
20ft Shipping Container – receiving and unloading a floor-loaded container$225.00
40ft Shipping Container – receiving and unloading a floor-loaded container$450.00
Amazon Seller Account Research – we will research reported issues with your Amazon Seller account$25.00/¼ hour
Box & Item Condition Pictures – Pictures of the condition of an item or box once received into the warehouse$5.00/pic
Combining Work Orders – we can combine multiple work orders into one shipping plan (maximum 5 work orders)$25.00/combo
Hazardous Shipments – when we cannot utilize Amazon-partnered carriers & we must manually create shipment(s)$10.00/shipment
Product Photography – product pictures taken for your Amazon listing. $15.00/pic
Returned boxes – if we have to return a delivery due to damage, gated brand/category, etc. (price excludes ANY associated shipping fees)$10.00/box
Returned pallets – same as above, but for pallets (price excludes ANY associated shipping fees)$35.00/pallet
Small Quantities – for prep orders that are under 50 units$50.00/order
Storage – charges begin 7 days after receipt of items OR 7 days after you’re invoiced, whichever comes first
                  (for items that we cannot process for ANY reason, charges will begin 7 days after we notify you of this)
          Storage – Shelf space (# of shipping boxes x # of days) x price$2.00/day
          Storage – Pallets (# of pallets x # of days) x price$10.00/day
Things To Know
All glass items are individually packed in boxes along with cushioning for your protection.

Prices and services are subject to change without notice.
Please review our Terms page for more information on our services.
Last updated: 2/12/20