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We’ve been in business a while, and there are certain questions that a lot of you ask over. And over. And over.  guess what?  We placed those answers right here.

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes! We are currently accepting new clients.

Do you offer custom quotes?

While we do not offer custom quotes, we DO offer packages that cover just about anything that you need prepped.  Visit our Shop page to supercharge your prep!

Can I purchase prep services a la carte?

After years of prepping products, we have found that our clients like simplicity.  This is why we sell Prep Packages, as they feature the most requested (and most utilized) services in all-inclusive packages.  Simply choose the one that's best for you!

How quick is the turnaround for prep services?

We offer different service levels based on your Prep Block or Prepscription plan.  Prepscribers™ get the fastest service, often from 1 to 36 hours from the time your items arrive to our warehouse.  Prep Block™ clients can expect to have their items prepped 48 to 72 hours after delivery  Super duper large orders may take longer, but usually those aren’t a problem for our gophers!

Do you have any minimums?

We currently do not have any minimum order requirements.  Simply put: it’s your business.  Whether you send us one item or 10,000, we've got you covered.

Do you work with Inventory Lab?

We work with many third-party services, including Inventory Lab.

Do you provide 3rd party fulfillment services? (eBay, Shopify, etc)

We can provide these services, please send us an email to inquire.

Do you offer Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) services?

Yes we do!  We offer Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) services for Amazon with our Order Fur-fillment service.

Do you process books?

Yes!  However, we only process new books, not used.

Can I store my items at your warehouse?

Yes we do!  Please send an email to inquire.

What warehouse/fulfillment center will my items be shipped to?

The warehouse(s) that your items are shipped to is determined by Amazon during the shipping plan creation process.  We do not know nor can we control which warehouse your items are shipped to.  With that said, most of our standard-sized items go to the Charlotte CLT2 warehouse.

Do we pay you directly to ship prepped items to Amazon?

We process everything through your Amazon Seller account, so the shipping fees are charged automatically back to your Seller account.  We are not paid for any shipping related services outside of the normal prep work (labeling, picking, packing, boxing, etc).

Do you process returns?

We do!  Returns are regarded as regular items in our eyes, however the only difference is that we may have to do a little more prep for these, such as removing stickers, taping, etc in order to get them ready to resell.  If your plan doesn't already include these additional services, we will deducted one unit for each service that is needed to complete the prep.

I changed my mind about an item I ordered. Can you refuse delivery?

We often are not able to refuse delivery of a package, due to the large volume of deliveries we receive each day.  Your best bet is to secure a return label from the vendor, and we can return the items that way, free of charge to you.

Do you accept pallets/53' trucks/containers? Do you have a dock?

Yes we receive pallets.  We also receive large 53' trucks, as well as 20' and 40' container trucks.  And we also have docks available for shipping and receiving.

You do not have to request a liftgate or any other special requirements in order for us to receive your goods.  Just purchase and have your products shipped to us!

Is your facility climate controlled?

Like a gopher's burrow, our facility is warm in the winter and cool during the summer.  Although we are a climate-controlled facility, we do not recommend having perishable items sold on Amazon FBA due to the highly volatile nature of their warehouses, the small parcel carriers, and the large, hot, enclosed freight trucks that transport your items.


Prep for Newbies

Profit Gopher is great for beginners! Start small and grow your business with us, utilizing our super popular Prep Blocks.

Prep for Pros

When you're ready to step it up, our Prepscriptions™ combine our most requested services with a generous allotment of prep units, all in affordable packages.

Free Leads

Who doesn't like free? Take advance of our weekly curated leads that put profit in your pocket.

Sourcing Assistance

Take the fear out of building your Amazon business with Sourcing Assistance! Our partners can help you take your prep to the next level by offering discounted, yet profitable leads to our Prepscribers.

Choose Your Plan

Gopher 100

/ mo
  • 100 Prepped Units
  • Dunnage
  • Outbound Shipping Boxes
  • Outbound Pallets
  • Expert Email Support

Gopher 300

/ mo
  • 300 Prepped Units
  • Dunnage
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Outbound Pallets*
  • Polybagging*
  • Suffocation Labels*
  • Taping
  • Price Tag & Sticker Removal
  • Email & Phone Support

Gopher 600

/ mo
  • 600 Prepped Units
  • Dunnage
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Outbound Pallets*
  • Polybagging*
  • Suffocation Labels*
  • Taping*
  • Price Tag & Sticker Removal
  • Email & Phone Support

* as needed, determined by our expert Gophers

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