Do you provide quotes?

Yes we do!  Please visit our Pricing Calculator to get real-time quotes for our products & services.  Because the calculator contains any and all of the volume discounts that we provide, our gophers do not respond to pricing inquiries via the contact form.  This saves a bunch of time and allows them to focus on providing excellent service to our current customers!

How quick is the turnaround for your prepping services?

Glad you asked!  Our turnaround time from receipt to fully prepped is usually between 24 to 48 hours (we’ve been known to be faster, but that is the official answer!).  Super duper large orders may take longer, but usually those aren’t a problem for our gophers!

What is your average turn around time to process shipments?

Currently our average turn around time is 24-48 hours.  For super huge intergalactic orders, this may be longer, but 1-2 days ain’t too shabby!

Do you offer monthly or subscription plans?

Our gophers don’t sell magazines or cellular phone services, so why would you need a monthly or subscription plan?  We realize that this is a source of recurring income for many industries, but we believe in the old school way of doing business: only paying for what you need, when you need it.

Do you have any minimums?

We currently do not have any minimum order requirements.  Simply put: it’s your business.  We presume you want to make lots of money, and unless your items are so high margin that one or two sales will keep the lights on, we’re betting that you’ll want to send us a decent amount!

Who creates the shipping plans for sending products to Amazon?

We are one of the only prep centers that actually creates the shipping plans for you! (why have backend access to your account, but ask you to do most of the work?!)  We do ask and require that you list the items that you wish to sell before we create the shipping plans, as this makes our workflow soooooo much faster.

Do you provide 3rd party fulfillment or logistics services? (such as from sites like Shopify, eBay, etc)

We strictly and only work with Amazon FBA sellers.  We do not provide any 3rd party fulfillment services.

Do you process books?

Unfortunately we do not process books at this time.

Do you work with returns?

We do!  Returns are priced the same as standard or oversized prep services, however the only difference is that we may have to do more prep for these, such as removing stickers, taping, etc.  Please visit the Services page for pricing for these additional services.

Do you provide storage services?

We DO NOT provide any storage services (there’s a Public Storage for that).  We like to keep a clean burrow so we strive to get your items in and out of the warehouse lickety split!

What warehouse are my items shipped to?

The warehouse(s) that your items are shipped to is determined by Amazon during the shipping plan creation process.  We do not know nor can we control which warehouse your items are shipped to.

When shipping to Amazon, who pays for the shipping fees?

We process everything through your Amazon Seller account, so the shipping fees are charged automatically back to your Seller account.  We are not paid for any shipping related services outside of the normal prep work (labeling, picking, packing, boxing, etc).

What is Shipment Optimization?

Normally our gophers are optimized for speed; they work to get your products prepped, boxed and shipped as quickly as possible.  This often means they will use their best judgment to select the most appropriate shipping service.  If your shipment is over 150 lbs, we’ll palletize your shipment by default.

But is this most cost effective for you?

With Shipment Optimization, we manually discover which shipping method is right for you!

Should you ship via small parcel (UPS, FedEx, etc) or LTL (less than truckload a.k.a. freight) for your shipment?  Which one has better pricing?  With Shipment Optimization, we will compare the two shipping methods to find the right one for you!

The price for this service is per shipment (not per shipping plan).  For example, if Amazon splits your shipping plan to ship to 3 different locations, Shipment Optimization would be charged 3 times.