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His Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD) in hand, UPS driver Andrew Hancock checks the load before leaving on the day's deliveries at the UPS depot on Nov. 3, 2015 in Jackson, Pa. (Bob Donaldson/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/TNS)

Prep Blocks



Are you in need of reliable, fast prep times? Look no further than Prep Blocks!

With Prep Blocks you get your prep completed within 24-36 hours of delivery and predictable pricing.

Start or continue your Amazon journey and get prepped easily with Prep Blocks!

Have you ever wanted to expand your Amazon business, but don't know what your next product should be?

Our partners can help you find profitable products that generate healthy profits. Their sourcing expertise -- paired with our prep services -- equals an unbeatable combination that allows you to slay your competitors without breaking a sweat!

Only our Prepscribers can get access to recurring discounts on product sourcing lists.  The profit you earn from them can more than pay for the prep services that you receive each month!

Knowing the ins and outs of selling, our gophers are well positioned to help you solve common problems that pop up from time to time.

Choose Your Plan

Starter 50

/ per block
  • 50 Prepped Units
  • Standard or Oversized Units
  • Dunnage
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Email Support
  • No contracts

Fast Track 100

/ per block
  • 100 Prepped Units
  • Standard or Oversized Units
  • Dunnage
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Email Support
  • No contracts

* as needed, determined by our expert Gophers

All Prep Blocks Include:


We check your items for accuracy & damages

Product Labeling

Includes one FNSKU label per unit & covers visible barcodes

Shipping Plans

We create shipping plans on your behalf, freeing your time

Box Level Content

We tell Amazon what's in each box and its weight

Box Measurements

We measure the length, width, & height of each box

Awesome Support

Our speedy support is faster than a gopher on skates

Things To Know

Do Prep Blocks expire?

Due to the enormous value that Prep Blocks present, they are only good for 30 days, and/or until they are used up, whichever comes first.

How are fragile items calculated?

ALL fragile items (including but not limited to: glass, thin non-rigid items, etc) are subject to boxing and cushioning.  We charge one prep unit for each form of protection (boxes & cushioning). 

How are bundles calculated?

Bundles/multipacks are included with prepscriptions, however they are processed differently:

  • Each item in your bundle counts as one unit (e.g. a 2pk bundle counts as 2 units towards your monthly allotment)
  • If you have 100 units in your plan, and 10 bundles

How do you handle damaged or incorrect items?

You receive automatic notification of items that are damaged or if the wrong item was shipped.  Your vendor is responsible for making things right by replacing the item(s) or providing a reimbursement.

Boxes that are leaking or have sharp, broken objects (such as glass) are immediately discarded to protect our gophers.

If I have more questions, where can I find answers?

Most of the questions you may have are covered by our extensive FAQ. If not, you can always schedule a consultation with us.


Are you a new seller?

If you're new to selling on Amazon, you may "dig" our Prep Blocks - perfect for new sellers looking for an easy entry into the marketplace!

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